FS: New pair EA82 2nd Generation bare cylinder heads

Discussion in 'Subaru Parts For Sale / Trade' started by X-Eliminator, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. X-Eliminator

    X-Eliminator Guest

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  2. X-Eliminator

    VanguardLH Guest

    Spam abuse reported to eBay and Giganews. You've been posting in Usenet
    more than long enough to know this is NOT a forsale newsgroup.
    VanguardLH, Oct 24, 2011
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  3. X-Eliminator

    Illuminated Guest

    Hey, Steady on fella, its not like he is pushing fake Viagra, a parts shop
    or porn websites links etc., just a sale of something very specifically
    relevant to the core "raison d'etre" of this special interest group that
    someone here might well pleased to know about.

    There, I feel better now, the world is just not all about it's good/its bad
    rules, intelligence has to be applied and the intent of your "perceived
    offender" examined.

    Illuminated, Oct 24, 2011
  4. X-Eliminator

    X-Eliminator Guest

    Gotta love you guys who think that a usenet group has a moderator...
    X-Eliminator, Oct 25, 2011
  5. X-Eliminator

    VanguardLH Guest

    Look at the response (to my notice) by the spammer.
    VanguardLH, Oct 29, 2011
  6. X-Eliminator

    X-Eliminator Guest

    Hey Dickhead - How do you spell SOLD ?

    On Mon, 24 Oct 2011 08:56:05 -0500, VanguardLH <> wrote:
    X-Eliminator, Nov 4, 2011
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