2013 Legacy 2.5 ABS repair question

Dec 1, 2022
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New user here, mechanic question.
Brakes have been great, but had to hit the brakes hard and ABS quicked on. No lights, no fluid but brakes got soft. I bled them and they stiffened up some. I jammed brakes again to activate ABS and they got soft. I didn't have an ABS bleed tool so I took it to a mechanic. They did the DIAG ABS bleed and got 2 to cycle (their tool does Front Left/Right Rear and then Front Right/Left Rear). So it did the FL/RR but it was silent when they did the FR/LR bleed. Part #27596AJ03B is what needs replaced (they're saying ABS and Pump)
Quoting over $1000. brand new and reman are both approx $700.
They said they would need to flash if a new unit, but reman they would not.
That is out of my skill set at that point.

My question, if I buy a used one off ebay (approx $100) and either install or have them do it, what would be the pros/cons of that. Mechanic told me they would still have to flash the new unit, but how he explained before is if it was REMAN they wouldn't.

I'd much prefer buying a used warrantied ebay pump and module and install it and then have them do the ABS bleed.


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You are taking a chance on a used one but if the test is correct, the hydraulic unit has an internal leak.
That is why the pedal failed and have seen that before. The reason it failed was two fold.
1) The person replacing the brakes pushed the piston back, pushing the dirty fluid back up to the hydraulic unit.
2) The damage was done and they decided to find a scrap one, same problem, dirt, water and rust.
They should have opened the bleeder to push the dirty fluid out, then "pressure" bleed the system.

Take care to bleed the system with the correct fluid with a pressure bleeder or vacuum bleeder.
Pressure or vacuum bleeding works with good components every time.

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