Forester Wheel bearings



I have a 98 forester (In Canada) and another wheel bearing appears to
have gone bad. I had one replaced a long time ago under warranty. I
understand they now use the legacy wheel bearing pt 28016AA030. Is
this something a dealer should do or can a local mechanic do it. Part
supply place has a part for it but doesn't list the seals. Dealer
says $220 for parts and labour ($75 for bearing and $40 for seals).
I'm not sure if I can get generic seals or just not bother and get the
dealer to do it.
Any suggestions?




On those rear wheel bearings we have found the main reason for them
going bad is rust build-up on the outboard part of the cv axle. This
causes the inner bearing seals to rip and allows water and such inside.
Some people reccomend replacement of the axle, or just clean it up
real good.

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