Forester transmission Swap Auto to manual

Jun 27, 2021
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Hi everybody,
I am new here but not to Subaru, had 2 Forester, on my 3rd, a 1999 2.0 s-turbo automatic european model with some upgrades. As the s-turbo never came withthe dual range transmission and I go off roading ocasionally I thought a Dual Range transmission would be a good thing so I brought a complete parts car for a swap, mechanically sound, but with lots of rust to do a Dual Range transmission swap. We finished about a week ago with the Dual Range Swap into my s-turbo. All is good, no check engine lights, starts perfect, runs great, got reverse and brake lights. My problem is that the idle is between 1500-2000 rpms and the speedometer dosen't work. Did anybody out there do a swap like this? If so did u have the same problems? How did u fix them ? I know that a pin needs to be grounded on the ECU to make the car think it is now a manual , but which PIN? Can't find anything for which PIN to ground. According to all that I could find on the internet the VSS is connected correctly, wires are the proper colors, but still doesn't work? Could the VSS be defective? Thanks to anybody that can help.

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