Electric Car Kit - How to Build Your Own Electric Powered Car at Home

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by jenneymisa, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. jenneymisa

    jenneymisa Guest

    jenneymisa, Feb 24, 2009
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  2. jenneymisa

    weelliott Guest

    This "article", which is really an adervtisement on the level of the
    hydrogen scams is pretty sad. Only an idiot woudl believe it. It says
    that for as little as 300 bucks you can have an electric car, but if
    you were to use a mechanic instead of the DIY kit they are selling it
    would cost 3-8k. Maybe if you happened to inherit one and then spent
    300 bucks registering it you could do it for 300 bucks. A controller
    for an electric car is many times 300 bucks. The motors are also over
    that amount. Even if you came by a used motor for a really low price,
    like $1, and built your own controller(which takes more ability and
    knowledge than a DIY kit buyer would have) you'd still have to put
    batteries in the car. The cheapest way to go is lead-acid, which means
    you could buy enough batteries with your almost 300 bucks you have
    left to go about 10 miles slowly. Far from the 200 miles they quote as

    Perhaps if you started with a new lightweight car you could sell the
    new engine and car parts for enough money to offset your costs enough
    to come in at 300 bucks.

    The reality of it is a conversion will cost that quoted 3-8k even if a
    mechanic is never involved. If you want to do a conversion with the
    latest battery technologies on the market, expect it to run you 25 to
    50k. That is only what the parts cost. No labor included.

    What a pitiful attempt at a scam.

    If you believe this stuff, I can sell you an e-book on how to replant
    and genetically modify your discarded Christmas tree so it will
    produce twenty dollar bills. It's easy, just a high school chemistry
    kit, a bottle of vinegar, and my super secret ultra magic ingredient,
    which you will then have to buy from me every few months to keep your
    tree going. My e-book is only 18.95 for a limited time though. So you
    had better act quickly.
    weelliott, Feb 26, 2009
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  3. jenneymisa

    clare Guest

    I built one in the '80s using a free Fiat body, a surplus aircraft
    generator and a homemade controller. I bought new batteries. Other
    than the batteries my cost was WELL under $300. The batteries were a
    bit over $1200 plus taxes.

    I have since picked up a more sophisticated controller that would do
    the job for $65 surpluss.

    Sadly, the 1975 Fiat body has returned to the earth from whence it
    came. Still have the motor.
    clare, Feb 26, 2009
  4. jenneymisa

    weelliott Guest

    That's my point. In my example, I even said that you could use a
    controller and motor that cost a buck each, and you'd still be screwed
    because batteries are so expensive. They are also a consumable. It's
    not like you can get batteries for pennies that others just don't want
    any more and expect to get a decent life out of them. Unfortunately
    most don't have the skill required to build a controller. If they did
    they wouldn't be buying a DIY kit that claims that you don't have to
    have any automotive knowledge. Also 1980s dollars went a lot further
    than they do today.

    So I think it is great that you were able to build a car for somewhere
    between 1200 and 1500, but that is still far more than the 300 quoted.
    I think that if one were to spend less than about 3k today, they would
    be unhappy with either the performance, or range of the final product.

    As an engineer, I just don't see it happening. I'm sure that that
    remark will invite stuff about me not being able to think outside the
    box on this stuff since I know too much about it. That is one of those
    lines of logic that scammers use.

    weelliott, Feb 28, 2009
  5. jenneymisa

    clare Guest

    For the AVERAGE person today to build an electric car with acceptable
    performance AND range, you are right, even $3000 isn't going to do it.
    Lead Acid batteries are not going to provide adequate range and
    performance with good life(I got 50 miles at 30mph, 30 miles at 50mph
    out of my lead batteries - borderline performance/range for "average"
    person today) and anything else is going to be over $3K just for
    9ah 1.2 volt Nimh batteries are $30 each. That's something like $150
    for 9ah 6 volt,or roughly $1500 for 100Ah.
    100ah at 48 volts is $12,000
    That's half the capacity I had in my Fiat.

    Do some scrounging and you can buy overstocks for about half the
    price, with 3 month warranty instead of 1 year.
    (found 10AH "AccuPower" 2 for $39 Canadian) (found CTA 12 ah 2 for
    $27.60 canadian)
    clare, Feb 28, 2009
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