Burning lots of oil

Nov 21, 2019
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I just registered to the forum and am fairly new to working on Subarus. I purchased a 04 impreza ts 2.5L a few months ago with a "rebuilt" engine. The car is in really good shape and since buying I have replaced all axels, brakes, ball joints, and a few other minor repairs. Everything was great until I noticed it was pretty low on oil after a recent oil change. I had a compression check and a leak down test done following this and both were in check and was told all cylinders had excellent compression. After looking through the parts replaced on the "rebuild" by the previous owner just about every internal component was replaced except for pistons and rings. Not sure why you would go through all of the trouble of replacing everything else and skipping the pistons. Anyway, the car runs great and there is only a brief puff of smoke when starting the car which in my opinion is normal for any car starting up in the morning. The antifreeze is perfectly clean and I replaced the PCV valve to check that off the list. The old valve did seem like it was letting some oil pass but not 1 qt per ~200 mi. I installed a autometer oil pressure sensor to monitor to make sure I didn't run it dry. I replaced the oil with a high mileage 10W40 to see if using a thicker oil would burn slower. I purchased this vehicle to save on burning gas as I only get 9-10 mi/gal in my 3/4 ton truck and drive 40+ mi to work each day. I am really enjoying driving this car and am really confused at where the oil is going. Any help with this is greatly appreciated. I am really aiming to not have the engine pulled at this point as funding is tight. Thanks

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