90,000 mile Maintanence to-do's

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Bradley Walker, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. Hello all,

    My 90k maintenance is coming up on my `01 OBW rather quickly. At one time I
    would have taken it to the dealership only because a service manager who
    used to work there is a friend and customer of my business. So I trust his
    insights, decisions, and suggestions. However as I have written in previous
    posts, he left due to questionable practices happening at the dealership
    when a new service director was hired. He and 7 other people quit.

    I asked him if his GM dealership where he works at now would perform the 90k
    service and he said normally they would but they didn't have any Subaru
    trained mechanics hired at the moment, however being that he himself is a
    mechanic and former short track racer, he offered to do the service for me
    at a "significantly less" cost than what the Subaru Dealership would charge.
    Their charges are around $740 for a "Max Service" 90k service, and $570 for
    the 'Mini Service' packages, neither of which includes a timing belt change.
    However this guy wouldn't be charging more than $300-$400 tops and doing
    everything including a timing belt change. I was planning on providing all
    the fluids, oils, belts, filters, etc on my own.

    Now, being that it looks like I have financial room to spare, I want to give
    my OBW good care and check multiple items on the car even though they may
    not be included in the Subaru recommended 90k service. Here is what is
    included in the dealerships 30/60/90/120k service plans:

    Mini Service (Basic Service) - $570
    Change Engine Oil and Filter
    Install Oil Additive
    Perform Multi-point Inspection
    Inspect Brake System
    Inspect Battery
    Inspect Coolant System
    Rotate Tires and set Tire Pressure
    Inspect Exhaust System
    Tranmission total fluid flush
    Replace Fuel Filter
    Lubricate all hinges and latches (door locks & weather strips if needed)
    Complete Coolant Flush
    Install Spark Plugs
    Front End Alignment

    Max Service (Includes the above) - $740
    Rotate and balance all tires and set tire pressures
    Fuel Induction/injection service (3 part)
    Inspect distribution cap, wires, and rotor
    Inspect Drivebelt
    Replace PCV Valve (at 60k & 120k)

    Now my question to the experts here is that, what else should I be concerned
    with that isn't listed in the above servicing? Being that I will be paying
    the mechanic around $300-$400 for the above, I want to use the extra cash to
    check/replace any other filter or item that I can think of that would
    eventually need replacing within the year anyway.

    What is everyone's thoughts on that?

    Bradley Walker, Jul 26, 2006
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  2. Bradley Walker

    Jim Stewart Guest

    I'd inspect the fan belts closely and if there's
    any sign of cracking, replace them. Change the
    air filter and dump a bottle of the expensive
    Techron cleaner in the gas tank. I also degrease
    the engine around every 60k miles. Check the CV
    joint boots every oil change.

    If the car is tracking straight, the steering wheel
    is even when you're going straight, and the tires
    are wearing even, you don't need a wheel alignment.
    My '99 OB has 126k miles and has never been aligned.

    What's the oil additive? There's nothing you can do
    to improve good motor oil.
    Jim Stewart, Jul 26, 2006
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  3. I'm not sure what the oil additive is, unless they say that to refer to
    adding something to the oil to prevent internal headgasket leaks...?

    So far my OBW shows now signs of steering left or right and when on a
    straight road letting my hands off the wheel, it goes straight with very
    little deviation on veering.

    How is an engine degreased?

    Thanks for the info on fan belts. I was leaning towards checking all fan
    belts & hoses because if I can purchase those seperately, I'd replace them
    all in one shot.

    What about the cabin air filter? Can the air filter/cabin air filter be
    replaced while here at home on my own time? Is it easy to do?
    Bradley Walker, Jul 26, 2006
  4. Subaru recommends a coolant additive to do that.
    John Rethorst, Jul 26, 2006
  5. Ah ok. I'll ask the dealership what their oil additive is and what it's
    purpose is.
    Bradley Walker, Jul 27, 2006
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