2015 wrx short block replacement problems

Oct 20, 2021
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So i have a 2015 subaru wrx 2.0l 6sp manual, ended up throwing a rod shortly after buying it. Decided to replace short block myself, replaced timing gears, had vehicle timed by a trained subaru technician while I watched, and replaced a couple other parts over the course of my diagnosis. Also I had the heads sent out to be cleaned and re-shimmed not only to be safe, but I stupidly mixed up the valve caps -_- . When the heads returned I replaced all filters located in the cam housing with factory parts. Everything replaced was factory on this vehicle and brand new. After replacing just the short block, 4 timing gears and cleaning the heads, vehicle was running like shit, also there was a loud noise commonly heard in other subarus coming from the high pressure fuel pump. kind of a metal on metal ticking. it also had a few codes:
So for diagnosing code P0011 and P0021 oil had fuel in it, and continues to have fuel in it after running with new oil, changed it anyway, and the filter. i tried swapping the 2 oil control valves on the timing cover, no change. I checked the wires for breaks and found nothing. When hooking up a scan tool, I dont remember specific values for the timing gears but a trained technician viewed them and said they where all over the place. As stated I replaced the 4 timing gears so they where all brand new. and installed correctly, honestly not sure if they where at the proper torque ( 3 inverted torx each) because I was limited on my resources doing it myself. Currently vehicle has timing cover off and timing chain set at top dead center, all marks lining up.
So under further diagnosis of P0088, I replaced the Fuel pressure sensor, high pressure fuel pump, blowing out both rails and any fuel lines under the hood with air to clear any debris, changed gas, and also retimed the motor, replaced cam shaft follower for high pressure fuel pump, and in midst of rebuilding replaced the camshaft driving the high pressure fuel pump. Everything stock and brand new.
I am probably leaving stuff out but please ask away. Car has been off the road for over a year lol. Need to fix this thing. I have limited pictures to show. They are currently on my phone. Can upload if it is necessary. pictures include parts being assembled, and noise while running, of high pressure fuel pump.
Also midst diagnosis I tried replacing the ecm with a used 300 dollar one off ebay from my exact car. After programming the immobiliser it proceeded to have the same issue. Maybe I need to spend 800 on a brand new one from subaru??

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