2011 legacy cvt trans issue

Discussion in 'Subaru Legacy' started by JoeZ, Jul 21, 2019.

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    Jul 21, 2019
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    Hello All! I've been a Subaru fan for 31 years....have owned 7...2 used,5 new. (84 GL wagon m/t sunroof / 92 legacy wagon m/t / 93 25th anniv. Legacy sedan auto /2000 Leg. Outback wagon auto / 05 Saabaru 92x m/t moonroof / 2011 Legacy sedan Limited / 2019 Forester Touring). I have zero experience w/ Subaru trans issues...never had one until now...our 2011 has been shuddering at specific highway speeds and lurching at take off...you either have to drive it like your 90 yrs old...or you stole it....otherwise it's a bit hairy. Local shop suspects torque converter,but recommended having a dealer do thorough diag. before doing any repairs. Dealer says its the cvt thats bad. Anyone have any experience with this? New trans is $7500+ fluid and install...not happening...we just dropped our wad of cash on the 2019 down payment. We bought the2011 new. Warranty was 5/60k...because cvt trans were fairly new,we took the extended 10/100k warranty with us at purchase. Subaru at some point sorta kinda admitted there was a prob. with their cvt's,and in an effort to avoid a NHTSA recall....they extended the warranty from 5/60k to 10/100k......we are sitting at 137k......my question to Subaru National Service is this " you gave everyone an additional 6/40k of warranty...why won't you add that to the extended warranty we purchased? After all,we did what we could to protect ourselves from something like this happening." As of this time,my last contact with them they expressed no willingness to help us.AM I asking too much? We're inside the 10yr. limit,we already had paid for the warranty extension. Any advise on how to get this repaired reasonably or to get Subaru to step up? Thanks!!
    JoeZ, Jul 21, 2019
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