VSS Replacement for '98 Impreza Outback



I posted here a few weeks ago about having a '98 Impreza Outback Sport
with a speedometer that's stuck at 40 mph most of the time and a
transmission which sporadically has issues shifting gears. These two
issues occurred at exactly the same time, so I assumed they were
related. Someone replied to my previous post and suggested that I might
have a bad VSS and that I would need it replaced. I finally took my car
to a mechanic who confirmed my suspicions and told me that I in fact
had two bad sensors, one for the speedometer and one of the
transmission. I am awaiting a quote for the parts but I have already
warned from a mechanic that they would be "expensive", however, from
what I have read online, these parts shouldn't cost me more than $50

Where can I check for these parts online? And if I find them, is this
something someone with limited automotive expertise could repair? I
just moved to LA and I'm pretty much expecting to get ripped off by the
first mechanic I've run into, so I'd rather know as much as possible
about these VSS' and their replacement, so I can avoid that happening.
Thanks! So far I haven't seen the part that I think I need, but I'll
keep looking.
I called the mechanic today and got a quote on the parts I need...
He quoted me $435 for the transmission and speedometer speed sensors!
Sounds a bit steep to me...
Anyone know of any good Subaru mechanics in the Burbank/Glendale area?

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