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Discussion in 'Subaru Outback' started by ianp5852, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. ianp5852

    ianp5852 Guest

    I have recently acquired a used 2010 Outback. When I press the 'off
    hook' button I do not hear any 'voice guidance' prompts. I can alter
    the 'voice guidance prompts volume' within setup and this is set to 4
    and the voice guidance can be heard well.
    I have paired the phone manually and entered a couple of numbers
    (manually) with names using the voice recognition. I can make a call
    by pressing 'off hook' followed by 'talk' buttons and speaking the
    recorded name and then 'pressing off' hook again. Should I also be
    able to access other functions such as 'add entry' by voice command?
    Should I be able to hear any voice guidance prompts? If so, can
    somebody tell me how
    Many Thanks
    Please reply to group - email address is not monitored
    ianp5852, Sep 21, 2011
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  2. ianp5852

    Chicobiker Guest

    In Canada, the bluetooth is an accessory. I believe the buttons are
    there, but they won't do much unless the accessory is installed. Mine
    came with the accessory installed. The thing talks to me as soon as I
    press the button. Are you sure you have the device actually
    installed? Mine has a little microphone on top of the steering
    column, otherwise I wouldn't know the difference visually.
    Chicobiker, Sep 23, 2011
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  3. ianp5852

    ianp5852 Guest

    Oh, its definitely installed as can press the 'talk' button, speak a
    name that I've linked to a number and it will dial it. The problem is
    the nice lady in the kit doesn't speak to me to let me know what
    options I can 'speak' to do setup / goto phonebook etc.
    In fact, the only place I can get her to speak to me is to set her
    volume! I suppose I should be grateful since this could be considered
    a major attribute of a woman!
    Please reply to group - email address is not monitored
    ianp5852, Sep 24, 2011
  4. ianp5852

    Chicobiker Guest

    I see. When I press the talk button, the lady says:
    "Ready." (provided the system has connected to my phone.) Then it's
    up to me to say something. I can say "Setup," "dial," or "call" and
    the lady will guide me through what to say next. Maybe it's a UK vs
    CAN thing??

    One thing I found annoying that took me a while to figure out, is that
    I must wait until the lady has finished her speech, and I hear the
    little "beep" after her statement, before I say something. Otherwise,
    confusion reigns and no progess is made.
    Chicobiker, Sep 25, 2011
  5. ianp5852

    ianp5852 Guest

    Yes, well that's what I thought should happen but on mine, pressing
    the talk button causes a beep and the display shows "Listening" there
    is no prompting. If I speak the name of a strored number it will then
    display the number and speak (in my voice) the name stored. I can then
    choose to dial or cancel.
    Perhaps, as you say, a UK implementation vs Canadian.
    Thanks for your input.
    Please reply to group - email address is not monitored
    ianp5852, Sep 26, 2011
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