2015 Subaru Impreza New Transmission Issue

Apr 20, 2024
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I have a bunch to explain so bear with me please!

I bought a know good automatic transmission to replace mine, and they dumped all the fluid inside for shipping.
I got it in and filled it with new fluid. I ran it for a few seconds to prime then turned it off to put more fluid it. I did this a few times till I couldn't fill any more in without fluid spilling out. (I also went through all the gears to prime it)
I started the car and let everything warm up. I let it run until the transmission got to around 100°F and shut off the car and opened the fill plug until the fluid was slowly dripping out.
Once the thermostat opened the rpms went down to around 750 to 800 and if I reved it a little, it would try to stall.
Also when I put it in drive or reverse it will move but not very well. It is on level jackstands while I'm doing this, I'm not sure I'm that would negatively effect it.

Any info at all would be a huge help
Thank you in advance!!

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