Looking for wheels for snow tires

Mar 9, 2023
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Hello, world! This is my first post here. I though I'd signed up a year or two ago but I guess not. I came here to ask about wheels for winter tires. In the past I've purchased steel wheels as I like them for snow tires (cheap and they have few spots for snow to pack in). But I'm not having much luck finding steel wheels, wondering if no one makes 'em? My Subaru is a base model 2021 Crosstrek wearing P225/60R17s.

Thanks, and it's good to be here!
I have a problem to with snow tires, if I may, I don't mean to hijack your thread by any means.
I have a 2016 legacy premium touring 17 inch wheels but I want to put 16 inch snow tires on it but,
I heard that there might be a problem because of the brakes, I really would like to do it if at all possible.
Is there anyone who could help me with this please, it would be greatly appreciated
thank you.

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