Looking to add a temperature gauge

No gauge on the dash?
There are two ways, one more intrusive than the other.
1a) A separate gauge can be added, wired and connected to the engine cooling system
1b) The engine coolant temperature sensor needs to be identified.
1c) If there is another easily accessed coolant port, an aftermarket kit can be installed.
1d) If there is no extra port, the original sensor can be removed and a parallel adapter can be fitted so both sensors can be attached (one for the engine, one for the gauge)
1e) If you do not know the thread pitch / type or versions of adapters, let a professional do it.
An example and there are many like this:

2a) An Android or iOS device can read temperatures via OBD II with a Bluetooth adapter to the data link.
2b) The adapter should be removed when the vehicle is parked and application needs to connect during each drive.
2c) There are other much better adapters that work with multiple Android versions and possible iOS, one being OBDLink MX + (inexpensive / better quality is the ELM327 BAFX model)
OBDLink does come with a free application.
2d) Monitoring while driving is not the safest practice, glancing at the temperature is ok but with long testing, my versions screen record a video for playback
Torque Pro Application Android (OBD II)
ActiveOBD Application Android (SSM)

Gauges can be setup individually.


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