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Oct 21, 2023
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I have a 2016 subaru wrx and recently it's started clunking when ever I let off the throttle I've replaced motor mounts check transmounts everything seems okay but yet it still clunking and everywhere I read and watch no one has talked about this problem
Sounds like your front end, possibly lower control arm bushings could be torn. Does you WRX move to the left or right when you step on the brakes fairly hard.. like coming to a quick stop for example? If yes the take a look at you LCA's, your lower ball joints. To check your motor mounts you need a helper to put her in gear, step on brakes and give her some throttle while your watching your motor...if the engine looks like she drastically shifts you could have a bad pitch stop mount.
At first I thought it was the motor mounts so I went ahead and replaced them and as soon as I started driving put it in second gear started driving let off the throttle and it did the same think just clunked

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