Good story about a friend's Subaru Brat

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by G.R. Aydelotte, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. As I was considering buying an 05 OBW for my wife, I asked a friend of
    mine who had owned several Subarus where he bought his. During the
    conversation, he answered my question about his old 83 Brat by telling
    me this story: he was going down a country road near his house in TN
    and came upon a woman walking about who had parked in the road. He
    swerved to miss her vehicle and got off the road causing the underside
    of the Brat to catch on something. This caused the Brat to start
    rolling 2-3 times. It came to rest with the engine still running, so
    he shuts it off and climbs out to hear the woman cussing at him. He
    returns the same and proceeds to push the Brat back onto its wheels
    and drives it home. He later continued driving it until he noticed
    that the side window, which had been cocked up at an odd angle, was
    once again back in place. He realized that the car body was probably
    bending, so he parked it in the fence row before, as he said,it breaks
    apart leaving my a$$ hanging out going down the road). This car has
    probably over 300k miles. He wife also drove a 95 Legacy to 280k
    miles. He said it still runs, but the tranny seems to be going. She
    now drives a Forester. I'm beginning to like the feeling of soon
    owning a car that inspires almost a community feeling of loyalty. And,
    it's an interesting car to boot.It seems that if you do your home work
    and look beyond the skin deep attributes of Subarus at the
    engineering/safety,etc., they are an obvious good choice.

    G.R. Aydelotte, Jun 10, 2004
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  2. G.R. Aydelotte

    Hallraker Guest

    The side window thing is pretty funny, maybe the car was healing itself. :)

    Just kidding, but that's what one of my friends said about my '95 Legacy.
    One of my other friends jumped onto the roof during a drunken bachelor party
    (FYI, we had a designated driver for the night) and severely dented the top
    of the tailgate with his knee. That was last summer, and the dent has been
    slowly working its way out.

    Subies are going mainstream, which means they are losing some of the
    weirdness that made them so endearing years ago, but at least they aren't
    completely boring like a lot of other cars these days. You've still got the
    longitudinally mounted boxer engines, a configuration found only in Subies
    and Porsches.

    Hallraker, Jun 15, 2004
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