Crosstrek giving me three beeps at startup

Jul 30, 2019
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Hi! My 2017 Crosstrek always beeps three times at me right after I start it, anybody have any idea why? There aren’t any warnings or indicators, and it has done this since I bought it (used). Drives me a little nuts not knowing why it is beeping. It will also beep at me if I brake hard(ish), kind of like it’s scolding me...and every now and again for seemingly no reason. But the three beeps when I turn it on is regular! Thanks for your help.
long shot . it may be your seat belt buckle. ( three beeps at start up means your seat belt isn't connected. drivers and or pass) not the retractor part but the buckle part. It sounds like it is not reading the fact the retractor side is connected at start up and when hard braking. And when you put on your hard brakes it moves the retractor just enough that it disconnects the contacts.(like you unsnapped your belt while driving) I would connect the seatbelt like normal start up the car when the beeps go away I would wiggle the belt at the connection between the two belts really hard and move back and forth in the seat while staying buckled see if the beeps come on. If so you have a loose wire under the seat or a bad buckle contact or a bad seat sensor under the seat that is built in that senses the weight of the driver. Good Luck
Do u have a snapshot from progressive insurance? I found out later that it is coming from that device.

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