What ls up with the dim instrument panel lights on my new Crosstrek.

Feb 20, 2023
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Maybe I am going blind, but it seem like no what brightness controls I adjust, the speedo and tach (and that useless mpg guage) are barely lit. Yes there is light, and its better at night, but during the days, they are very dim.

Anybody else have thus issue? Have a base 2023 model.

Im just getting over not having a coolant or oil temp guage. Found a workaround for that, but the dim speedo tach lights are a bummer.


Are they dim during the day if you turn the light control knob to Off. Mine are super dim once in a while, and I notice that I or my wife has turned the knob to ON instead of Auto, and the dash stays dim. If this is not the problem, I would take to dealer for analysis.

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