Check engine light, P000B

Dec 12, 2023
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My son has a 2016 Legacy with the 3.6 engine. Other than pulling to the left when we took it to the dealer we bought it from, it ran perfectly. It needed tires and alignment. We got the tires installed from the garage and then we got the p000b code. We had to return for the alignment because a part was needed they didn’t have.

Meanwhile, I took it to a repair garage in town. He put it up on the rack and looked for parts that may need replaced, found nothing. Scanned the computer, found the code and cleared it.

Took it back to the dealer for alignment. They replaced the part, charged $200 labor, $130 for the part and gave us a “deal” on the alignment for $70. It didn’t need aligned, had a bad tire causing the hard pull. Told us it would be $135 to scan the computer to figure out what code it was (I already told them it was p000b) and then what ever parts were needed. I haven’t been back to them because I think they did something to cause the code.

Took the car back to my local garage and he put it back on the rack. I don’t remember what the part is called but it’s a 10-12 inch rod in the rear driver side suspension. Garage guys said he replaced one the previous week and charged $40 to do it and still didn’t think ours needed replaced. This is why I think the dealer garage did something to cause the code and make more money off us. I’ve talked to other people about this dealer and nobody seems to trust their repair center and have heard stories like ours.

The oil change only had 2000 miles on it but we changed it anyways. The dealer wanted to change the oil. I asked them why, only had 2000 miles on the existing oil change. They said we get one free for purchasing the car there (3 years ago now) . I told them it didn’t need it and am afraid what else is going to go wrong if we take the car back there. Fuel cap is tight. Checked the camshaft sensors and getting the same voltage readings on both. The only thing I noticed is left sensor (exhaust?)seemed to be corroded more (it just looked older) than the right one and the cap came off leaving the shaft and oil sensor part in the engine. It’s just sheet metal crimped together and the mechanic wasn’t too concerned about that and he put it back together and reinstalled.

I unhooked the batter for 6 hours to see if that would “reset“ the computer. We’ve checked and cleared the codes 10 times. Code comes back after 10-20 miles. Car still runs perfectly smooth.

The sensors are $180 and my local guy is reluctant to replace one without knowing for sure that’s the problem. Sensor can’t be returned if that’s not the problem.

Should I try to get a used sensor? Is there something else this could be? HELP!!!!


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