Can't get key out of the ignition once parked

Mar 23, 2022
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I drive a 2016 Subaru Legacy with about 15,000 miles on it. Low mileage because I am retired.

Once I've parked and want to turn off the engine/remove the ignition key, the key won't come out.

I've been held prisoner the last twelve or fifteen times I've driven the car. It wasn't always like this.

After being unable to remove the key after 39 tries tonight I don't know what I did differently but the key came out.

Could someone diagnose what's going on here, what am I doing "wrong" and how do I get the key out the first time as it has normally done the last five years.

Thank you.
I have had similar problems before .. sometimes when it won't come out, I find that if I turn the steering wheel slightly to remove pressure .. then the key will come out.
I also had a problem on a previous impreza where I could pull the key out once the car was running.

It may be a case where either the key or the ignition had worn out a bit and its not fitting as it should anymore. A new key might be the lowest cost thing to try (unless you have a backup key already you could try to see if it gets stuck) ...

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