Can't figure out popping noise?

Dec 14, 2018
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I have a 2006 Forester with a popping noise when I hit a bump in the road. At 221,000 miles I knew it needed ball joints and I figured the strut/towers were the cause of the noise. So I had my mechanic install coilover/struts, ball joints and outer tie rod ends. He said it also needed a front drivers side axle and hub bearing and anti sway stabilizers. All this work was completed and I took it to a reputable alignment shop where it had new camber bolts installed and an alignment done. I have driven it about another 2,000 miles and with over $2200 invested it still makes the popping noise, both mechanics have looked it over and can't figure it out. One of them has suggested it is probably a rubber bushing but does not know for sure. Any suggestions?
I would confirm that everything was torqued down to specification from all of the work done. It is possible a bolt was "tight" but not torqued down and when at speed it can cause this noise as it has worked itself loose. That is possibly why you were hearing it before. Another thought is that a dry bushing is causing the popping sound and a little lithium grease can go a long way in removing dry bushings.

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