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Hi all,

I recently purchased a 99 Forester 2.0l Turbo - UK edition with Auto
Gearbox. I am new to driving automatics and I have had the following
intermittent problem:

Occasionally when engine is warm, when I stop while in D and go to pull
away the transmission does not engage - It just revs. When I change to
3 or 2 or 1 same thing. Into N and back to D same thing. At some
stage (Not consistent) it decides to engage again - Maybe takes 3 secs
maybe 10 secs.

I do not know when the fluid and filter was last changed, but it looks
nice and clean red colour and appears to be up to the max level -
checked with engine running.

Otherwise the box is really smooth and changes at the right times, kick
down is ferocious.

I would really value your advice, as my confidence in the car is
disappearing and I am afraid that someday soon it will just not
re-engage and I will be left in the middle of the road. (These things
never seem to happen in your drive at home!!)

Thanks in advance


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