99 Subaru Outback Wagon Transmission Problem - HELP!

Discussion in 'Subaru Outback' started by Zeitlin, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. Zeitlin

    Zeitlin Guest


    I have experienced a problem with the transimission in our Subaru.
    The mechanic has quoted me $2500 to fix and I wanted to get a take
    from users in the group.

    When making an 'aggressive' manuever that cause the car to downshift
    from top gear (such as climbing a hill or acclerating rapidly to pass
    a car) the car downshifts to the next gear fine. However, after the
    manuever is complete, the car resists shifting back into the top
    gear. Typically, you'll have to hit the gas hard again and then the
    car will shift back-up.

    The mechanic claims it is an electrical problem within the
    transmission. He wants to open up the transmission fix the problem
    and do a complete overhaul of the transmission. The car has 75000
    miles on it.

    Does this fix make sense for an electrical problem?
    Does this rationale based on symptoms make sense from a mechanical

    Finally, we may or may not get rid of the car in the next year. Is
    this a problem that I can live with for awhile? As an acquaintance
    pointed out, if this is just a problem from Overdrive (is top gear
    over drive in this car?) to the next gear down..probably not such a
    big deal.

    While I have basic knowledge of car mechanics, obviously I am no
    where close to knowledable of most car issues. Your groups help is
    GREATLY appreciated.

    Thanks very much!

    Zeitlin, Oct 6, 2004
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  2. Zeitlin

    TG Guest

    all internal electronics that could cause this are right in the pan/valve
    body area...no need to take everything apart. TG
    TG, Oct 6, 2004
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