2008 Legacy low mileage lft fr axle vib

Jan 12, 2023
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Hello, I Recently acquired my dad's 08 Legacy Limited low mileage 28,235. At low and 40 mph the left front vibrates I Recently had the wheel re balanced and it was ok not out of balance so possibly the axle from sitting for so many years and not driven. Also the airbag light comes on intermittently only when it goes below freezing but when I cycle the ignition key once it goes away sometimes. Any help?
A smart technician would test and inspect the suspension components.
Vibrations can be anything from drivetrain components to wheels.
Make absolutely sure all 4 wheels are the same circumference, all 4 wheels have the wheel nuts torqued.
The brake assemblies should also be checked / inspected and ensure the rotors, axle flanges and axles shafts are mounted onto clean surfaces. That will also include all wheel bearings.

The airbag lamp is triggered by a fault at the airbag controller. That controller needs to be scanned for a recorded fault. The fault becomes the guide as to where the fault originated.
Extended sitting, oxidization on connectors or a defective component is what to look for.
If the airbag lamp is ON, the airbag system will not deploy.

Have that Subaru inspected by a professional.
Thank you for your useful information I had front and back rotors and good ceramics brakes replaced and the wheel bearings were checked by me im a licensed State Inspection mechanic so all 4 were fine the little bit of rust was cleaned up,and all 4 wheels were balanced all c v Axles were checked and are ok its the left front Axle we narrowed it downed to from sitting and the right front air bag sensor weather tite seal is wearing out so everytime its freezing cold or wet it compromised it needs replaced I purchased it from my 1 local Subaru dealer

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