09 WRX Cam Position Sensor Wire Broken Rough Idle

Mar 28, 2023
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I have a 2009 wrx, engine has about 20k with a cobb cold air, and invida down pipe. Recently wasn't making boost after the car wash, even at idle my access port said boost was zero. After trying to track down a boost leak or bad turbo, i replaced all intake and exhaust gaskets, along with intercooler gasket and boot, and a new Perrin charge pipe. In the process of taking the intake manifold off or putting everything back together i found that the top cam position sensor on the passenger side had a wire broken. Its the yellow one, and the other two red and green wires were fine. since it broke at the plug i got a new replacement pig tail with heat shrink butt connectors. After putting the new pigtail on i started the engine and it ran rough, it made negative boost at idle again thankfully but the whole car was shaking and i threw a code for cam position bank A 1. To my knowledge that's the one i did the pig tail swap on. i have a feeling its the connection but im not sure how to test this, or what wires do what, and the numbers they do. The car also starting throwing miss firing codes on all 4 cylinders. super stummped if someone could help id really appreciate.
2009 WRX Cam #1.jpg
2009 WRX Cam #3.jpg
2009 WRX Cam #4.jpg
2009 WRX Cam #5.jpg

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