New 2022 WRX Questions

Mar 21, 2023
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Hi everyone;

I just bought my first Subaru a couple of weeks ago. A 2022 WRX Premium and I have a couple of questions.

This car will be used only for winter so I've changed the tires and got some winter tires on it. But I've noticed that the drive is not as comfortable as my 2018 Challenger GT AWD(sold). I feel the bumps on the road much more, relatively. I understand that the tire wall is an important factor and WRX doesn't have as much tire wall as the Challenger but I also think that the suspensions are a bit stiff on WRX. What can I do to make the drive better? This car won't be used in track only regular driving at winter. Should I change the suspensions and get some softer coil overs? If so, what would you suggest ?

My second question is regarding to the horn. It's ridiculous. It sounds like a toy car. Any one else feel the same? I'd like to change it but not sure to what. Anyone has any suggestions?

Third; I'd like to add cold air intake and as I searched a bit, seems like ETS 22 are a good option. What do you think?

Thank you very much for your time.

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