P0112 error code on my 2012 wrx HElP

Jan 15, 2023
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Hello I own a 2012 wrx I recently got an check engine light, I had a hard time going past 3000rpm felt like it was bucking of stuttering so I went to an auto parts store they read the code “p0112”so I thought okay I’ll get a new MAF sensor an filter I think that fixed the 3000rpm problem but not completely sure I don’t want to drive it to much but I’m still getting this code even after detaching the battery the light comes right on so I got the code read again still giving me the p0112 code, help please.
Fresh air kit right? Look at the image, what model, what engine?
P0112 - Intake Air Temperature Circuit Low Input


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You will need a simple scan tool, Torque Pro works with Bluetooth.
the ELM327 BAFX is ok, the OBDLink MX + is better.
Follow the schematic to measure / test the wired connections from the PCM to the MAF
The scan tool will measure MAF (Mass Air Flow) and IAT (Intake Air Temperature).
Other recommendations (scan tools) are in the attachment.
Fresh air intakes create more problems than their value and questionable function.
Use the schematic with a decent meter.


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