05 Forester 2.5x (Manual) Timing Belt Advice

Jun 13, 2020
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Hello and thank you for your help in advance!
I'm obsessive about maintenance on my Forester and I have done MANY things to repair or improve the vehicle both through my local mechanic and on my own. its sitting at 170,000 now and the timing belt snapped after having been replaced at 100,000. I was only driving 30 mph and the engine was idling for about one minute after the break before being turned off. Its currently sitting in my driveway and my plan is to put a belt on it and then test the compression on the cylinders and hope for the best.

My question:
If the belt is already off how do I properly time the engine?
Will there be marks left over from the previous timing belt replacement... and if there isn't what do I do?


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