Forester GT 2002 engine manual and engine oil capacity when changing filter

Discussion in 'Subaru Forester' started by AdvarP, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. AdvarP

    AdvarP Guest


    1) I'm in a bit of trouble as I can't find any manual for my engine - can
    anyone give any hints / All manuals that I have (on CD) seem to be for the
    US version 3l or for the 2.5l. Mine is 2litre, AUS version. Any hints pls,
    download a CD from somewhere ?

    2) I need to change the oil. I understand the best is Castrol Magnatec (or
    Mobil 1) and that FMX is only for dealer (although it is exactly the same as
    Magnatec non-FMX for us rest of mortals). Can anyone tell me pls - What is
    the oil capacity of my 2l engine if I also change the filter (always do,
    every 5k, with genuine) ?

    Thank you
    AdvarP, Aug 3, 2007
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  2. AdvarP

    strchild Guest

    Since my oil filter is vertically mounted, I always fill it to the brim
    before installing (the thought of a dry filter for the first start doesn't
    interest me), then regardless of what the book says the motor should need, I
    put in enough oil to bring the dip stick to a correct reading. Sorry I
    can't give you the specifics for your 2litre, but my 1.8litre calls for 4.2
    US quarts. Including the amount of oil poured in the filter, that always
    seems to be about right. My mother has the 2.2litre, so I may be able to
    get that info for you, although still not quite what you were looking for.

    I'm not going to bother recommending one oil over another. Yes, some are
    better in some regard, but how significant that "better" aspect may be is
    very subjective and likely to get me yelled at. (-; Read through this
    newsgroup and you'll find many hours of reading on which oil is "gooder,"
    and surely many links to more hours of outside reading.

    You could probably call a Subaru dealership and ask the oil capacity of your
    particular motor.

    strchild, Aug 3, 2007
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  3. AdvarP

    Blair Baucom Guest

    Here is a link to a manual with the specs on the 2.0L 2002 Forester turbo &
    non-turbo Australia spec. vehicles.

    Looks like 5.0L upper level, 4.0L lower level on the Turbo which should be
    Forester GT.

    Blair Baucom, Aug 4, 2007
  4. AdvarP

    AdvarP Guest

    Hey... thanks for the link - how on Earth did you get that :)

    Well I looked up a Castrol manual and for 2.0l Turbo (GT) and it says 4.5l
    with oil filter.

    Also, it appears Magnatec is not the best for Turbo. Castrol recommends DE
    5W30 or DE0W30

    Those b*stards at the dealership said they put in synthetic oil. Well they
    put in Magnatex FMX (dealer). The synthetic is the DE in fact ! It says on
    the bottle! From now on I do my own oil change.

    Thank you
    AdvarP, Aug 4, 2007
  5. AdvarP

    hippo Guest

    Magnatec non-FMX for us rest of mortals). Can >anyone tell me pls - What
    Here's the current link from the Castrol site. Hope it helps.

    FWIW, our local dealership changed ownership 2 yrs ago and switched from
    Castrol to Mobil at the same time. They were using Magnatec on all the non
    turbos up to then. I think they're using Mobil1 across the range now, but I
    do my own minors and take Magnatec in when it goes in for the 25K
    intervals. Cheers
    hippo, Aug 4, 2007
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