Am considering buying a new Crosstrek...some questions..

Oct 2, 2022
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I'm thinking of buying a new 2023 Crosstrek.

Would be interested in a Sport trim to get the more powerful engine but I gotta have a manual trans (which the Sport does not offer), I hate automatics (have one now & I really miss a stickshift), so the trim I've chosen is a Premium.

I don't really see any optional addons that I HAVE to have (originally I was totally confused about the 12v cig lighter accessory but I don't want to get into any of that after getting a rude response since I dared to ask about it on a different Subaru Crosstrek forum)....instead I want to ask - are there any optional accessories that you Crosstrek owners got that you really think are essential or super useful to have, or wish you had gotten but didn't, or even the reverse being that you paid extra for something and regret having done it because an aftermarket version is better/less expensive or whatever it was just wasn't even worth bothering with in the first place?

And I'm not asking about things relating to Pets or Bike racks that have their specific uses. Am curious about more general stuff.

Like the $400 Strut Tower brace (does it really improve handling that much?).

Or the side window deflectors (? I don't even understand what they accomplish).

Or things like the body side molding to deflect door dings, or door edge guards & inside door scuff protectors.

Or the LED map/dome lights. Do they really make the lighting any better?

Or the STI Alloy Wheels claimed to "improved handling performance and steering precision due to the reduced weight of the alloy when compared to the stock alloy wheels..".

Anything at all you'd care to recommend or say to stay away from is appreciated. I don't want to order a new car build then find out later I missed out on something I should have given more thought to.

Thanks in advance.

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