Need a used EJ25......were a good place to buy?

Oct 27, 2023
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I have a 2002 leg wagon with 210k.....i am looking to replace the engine with a used one.........can anyone recommend a good outfit in the seattle/tacoma area that won't rip me off.......also i need a good place to have it installed...........thanks
I got mine from EBay through JDM. It seems like a really good engine. They are pulled from cars in Japan with supposedly low mileage. There was free shipping but I did pay extra for a lift gate delivery truck. I paid a little over two grand with taxes and paid the mechanic nine hundred to install it.
Yea my 2002 leg wagon just hit 210K i think i have a head gasket problem...i called this one place that does nothing but subie's and they wanted friggin i have looked at the Motors on ebay ...some good i know it in Japan and correct me if i am wrong ,cars can't go over 55k with replacing the engine....i think it's a pollution control deal like epa these japanes engines are low miles..........i am not a mechanic so i'll have to find someone to install ect...........

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