Looking for Advice on 2015 Subaru Legacy

Mar 10, 2023
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Hello fellow members,

Please I'm seeking your valuable advice as I consider my first purchase of a Subaru vehicle, specifically the 2015 Subaru Legacy. Before finalizing my decision, I'd like to know if there are specific components or aspects of the vehicle I should take into consideration. Your expertise can provide insights on maintenance tips and critical factors to consider when buying a car.

The Subaru Legacy fits my budget perfectly, but there's a concern: it has a SALVAGE. Some say it might not be an issue, while others caution against the purchase. What should I focus on inspecting or revising on this vehicle? Your advice is highly appreciated!


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Salvage means that it was totaled. The insurance company determined that the cost to fix the car properly is greater than the value of the vehicle. They end up in the garage of a body man who fixes these in his spare time as a side hustle. Some actual body shops will keep one of these around for awhile looking for an identical model that was wrecked on the other end. They take parts form the worse of the two and put them on the better vehicle. Hence the Salvage title.

Some of these can be OK, others a death trap. Did they replace the airbags? If it has airbags, are they the ones that were recalled? Are all the suspension components OK? Some of these guys are not mechanics. Is the frame straight?

You really want to take this to an independent body shop first and have them look it over, then take it to a mechanic for a second look. It will cost you for both of these, but it could cost yo a lot more if you don't take this step And do not pay full book value, the salvage title drops its value about in half of a normal vehicle that looks like it is in the same condition.

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