Looking to buy a 4th gen Impreza for my son have some questions

Jul 21, 2023
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Hey Guys, so in a year from now my son is going to college in Nevada where it does get some snow and black ice. So I am looking at getting him a 4th gen AWD Impreza sport hatchback. Looking at something in the $12k range so 80-90k miles. Here are my questions any advice would be much appreciated.

Is one year over the other worth getting and or paying more $$ for in the long run between 2012-2015?
What repair and maintenance can be expected with a Impreza with close to 100k miles that's been well maintained/one owner type of car?
I was leaning towards a manual 5 speed over the CVT guessing I can plan on putting a new clutch in it?
Pros and cons with manual vs CVT trans?

Thanks Tom
That would be a good price if you find one. I just bought a 2019 Impreza Sedan CVT with 104k miles and it was over $13k, Sedan base model. It was one owner.
CVT are garbage when they fail.
Access the Subaru sites and find the maintenance manuals (dependent on year make model), they will offer an idea of scheduled service.

Oil service with filter, no more than 5K Miles with high quality oil.
Have a trusted technician perform an inspection before the purchase.

I am confused by that website. It says for "Impreza".. and while I don't have an Outback it lists that also. It says 10,000 miles or 6 months between oil changes.

My Impreza manual says 6000 miles or 6 months. I mention Outback because this website:

Lists the Outback at 6000 also.

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