I come to you as a v8, muscle car type. What can i do to make this thing if not fast at least quick?

Oct 24, 2023
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Okay so background. Heavy diesel mechanic currently, 8 years automotive with about 6 of that working in a hot rod full service mom and pop shop around Birmingham AL. You give me a small or big block and i make power, usually carbureted. I can maintain my car, but i haven't the SLIGHTEST idea even where to start looking for what all i can do to my stock 2007 Impreza 2.5i. can i slap a turbo on it and expect it to hold? what engine do i get if it wont? how much computer can i get rid of and is it even possible to supercharge one of these? No matter what i do i want to keep the AWD, so no "just slap a 350 in it" for me. Would a porsche motor be blasphemous?

Thanks in advance for any advice/info.
Lots you can do to the little 4 cylinder. First off you have the Subaru WRX which is the hot rod of these cars. Same block. Just dual cam each head, longer intake to allow more air and turbo. What can you do to these cars. Add a turbo first off. Next look into cams. That would mean you would have to change the heads. Before putting the heads on polish and port them. Get the maximum amount of air through them. The cams. You can nice aftermarket cams for these cars. In changing the heads to twin cam you need to change the computer. Once again do research for something that is modified. Otherwise switch over to the WRX/Sti computer. Lastly change out the intake. Get a intake that you can put extensions on. Swap out your fuel Injectors. Hopefully all these changes the transmission can take it.

Yeah your better off dropping a LS 6.0 from Pontiac GTO in there.
My suggestion would be to look for a totaled from the rear STI and do a motor, trans and ECU swap. This is much easier than what has been suggested. Depending on the year of STI motor they are anywhere from 250 to 310 Hp. A 250 HP unit is a quick Cobb tune away from 278 hp and about 290 tq. and in a light car with light wheels it can be fun to drive.

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