Adding CarPlay to 2012 Sport Ltd

Oct 19, 2023
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I really want to upgrade the head unit to have CarPlay, but all of the aftermarket ones I've seen that might fit seem to require a separate SiriusXM tuner and antenna, as it seems like the stock harness isn't compatible. I've also added a 2013 cam that's compatible with the head unit since it's the same unit except the camera wasn't stock with the 12s for some reason, and the 3rd party head units don't seem to be compatible either.

Any ideas if there's a later-model stock Subaru radio that's compatible size wise and has Carplay? The ones I've seen have custom bezel sizes that would not fit. Any ideas how to get CarPlay and SiriusXM? Google and even Crutchfield customer service have been no help. I'm savvy with installs, but don't have interest in adding a new SiriusXM tuner or antenna if it's at all possible to use the stock. I'd rather find a modern Forrester or similar head unit that fits, is compatible with the harnesses (or if I can solder the wires to new harnesses), and gets me CarPlay along with satellite. Thanks!!!

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