Help with cruise control and eyesight

Dec 5, 2023
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Hey everyone.

I just got a second hand 2015 Subaru Impreza, and it has some problems with cruise control or eyesight.
1. The first problem is that when I'm following a car with cruise control enabled, if the car I'm following turns off onto a side street then a message "no lead vehicle" will show on the display, then cruise control will turn off and the car will start slowing down (because cruise control is off) until I put my foot on the accelerator. What I expect to happen is the cruise control speeds up to the set speed and I carry on my merry way.
2. The second problem is that if I'm following a car with cruise control enabled and the car stops (e.g. at an intersection) then my car will slow down and stop, but then my car will beep and cruise control will be turned off, and my car will start moving forward, even though the car in front is still stopped. I have to put my foot on the brake to stop my car from hitting the car in front. What I expect to happen is for my car to stay stopped, until the car in front starts moving again and then my car will speed up until it reaches either the speed of the lead vehicle or the set speed of my car.
Does anybody else have these problems? I'm hoping this is a setting that I can change.

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