99 legacy wagon won stay running

Dec 15, 2022
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I recently purchased a 99 legacy L wagon that needed clutch work. The car ran and stayed running before I took it apart but after putting it back together it doesn’t stay running. It starts with no issue and then dies after a couple seconds. If I unplug the airflow sensor I can keep it running by pressing the throttle but the second I plug it in it dies. I didn’t have a gauge but fuel pressure seems to be fine at least while cranking. I tried bypassing the fuel filter but it still dies after a couple seconds.
Not sure where/how to diagnose the issue past what I’ve done and could use some help.
Thank you!
Go backwards and check for any missed wiring connections and especially any damaged / defective ground straps.
At least test all fuses with a test light.
You will need some type of diagnostic tool to capture any recorded faults.
With a fuel pressure gauge, measure fuel pressure.
Look at the MAF sensor and make sure the airbox is not obstructed.
Clean the throttle body while you're looking at it.

A PC example is FreeSSM
Cable example:

Android versions work quite well if the Android supports an OTG (On The Go) cable.
With that cable, JDMscan works very good and quite fast, paying the price is well worth it because it is a ported application using FreeSSM on the Android.

ActiveOBD works with a BlueTooth connection and use the OBDLink MX +
There is an offer from OBDLink for free software.

There are many other OBD II applications that also work, Torque Pro being another.

With those applications, fault codes can be presented to test and analyse with live data PIDs.

Use screen recording software while driving, playback is the safest solution and records can be kept.

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