2021 Crosstrek Premium

May 23, 2021
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Well have had ups and downs with this car but have loved it throughout. The downs were me leaving the sun roof open in the rain(everything was fixed by insurance and all worked fine) and the ups were just driving it and having fun. But I have had a bit of a 'jones' for the Forester Wilderness and stopped by the dealer hoping they did not have one(I would not have ordered as I am anal that way, lol) but they had one in my color, Pearl White, with ALL the bells and whistles and they have Crosstrek and I have the Wilderness. It's a little tarted up(gold trim, raised white letters on tires, flat black hood tape)but it drives better than the Crosstrek but does not handle on road quite as nice. So see you all around.

Semper Fi
'62 - '65


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