2016 Sport Tech w/ CVT, 90k kms. Engine Deceased.

Apr 19, 2023
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This is my first thread, so admin, if this isn't going where it should, please let me know.

I bought this car new. It's never been tuned, rarely even revved high & most definitely not tracked (I mean, come on, it's got a CVT). Ironically, I didn't want to wreck the engine, which I was advised was an oil-eater. Dealership serviced since new except for once. Cylinder damaged somehow - loss of compression in cylinder 2 (compression tests: 150, 90, 150, 150). Something metallic somehow found its way in there, I have no idea how or what. Quote for new engine: $8500 CDN, installed.

It started burning a little oil (it's a 6+ yr old Subaru, it's destined to...) but it never ran lower than halfway between 'low' & 'optimal' & the engine has never heated up beyond halfway. Transmission goes in to limp mode occasionally, but I opted for a CVT willingly so I've myself to blame there. It was meant to be a city car. It's actually driveable but it idles at 2k RPM, I can't switch transmission modes & I get about 200kms out of a tank.

The more I ask around, the more I'm reassured that a few scratches in one of the cylinders means a full replacement of "REMAN SHORTBLOCK W/CONTAINER" and "HEAD & VALVE SET-CYL" and "GSKT&SEAL SET-ENG", among other smaller items.

I'm destined to pay for this repair, right? There's no such thing as "fixing" something like this?

I was going to trade it in for a '23 or '24 Crosstrek Limited, since I'm in the sub-$50k budget range. Venn diagram is, you can have only 2 of the following 3: [AWD, Reasonable Power, Reliability]. I was ready to give up the mediocre but acceptable power of the WRX for something I could count on for about 3yrs, but the warranties & interest rates have skyrocketed - it's a seller's market & manufacturers smell chum in the water. The 182 HP of the Crosstrek is milquetoast but certainly not offensively weak like the Honda HRV...
I was gullible enough to get a WRX with a CVT, but I'm not gullible enough to buy another product that will self-sabotage before its 7th bday. It'll be an honor to see the EV market destroy the insulting "warrantied to 60k kms" internal combustion engines & their transmissions, not to mention the sub-200 hp putz mobiles created for the uber-domesticated "aw shucks I just need something that gets me from A to B" drones.

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