2012 impreza VDC?

Jun 19, 2022
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2012 impreza 2.5i premium

Automatic CVT.

While slowed to a crawl on the highway after an hour drive, the car made some crazy whining noises, jerked around a bit, then sounded like I drove over a bumper or something, then stopped moving entirely.

I put it in park and then drive again, moving forward for a few yards and then I put my foot on the brake and it felt like the rear end was hopping and something was locking.

Now the car won’t drive at all. Runs fine, no noise, no whining (in any gear.) There is no evidence of a leak. There is no evidence of gears grinding or any of that hot metal smell. It feels like a computer/electrical problem.

Dash lights:

-CEL (illuminated, not flashing)

-ABS (illuminated, not flashing)

-Traction ctrl (illuminated, not flashing)

-CRUISE (flashing)

I drove with a spare wheel for a while years ago and that caused some problems, but was taken care of for free by the dealer under some act. I think it was a valve body replacement.

Maybe this has something to do with that? I know these CVTs are demonic…any ideas?

I have no codes to read either because it’s in my driveway and wont drive
I should mention that there were no warning signs and Park still functions as well as Neutral. I wish I could just obtain the codes!

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