2011 Outback w/CVT - Front Differential Gear Oil Change

Mar 17, 2022
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When changing the differential fluid (75W-90 SYN), there is a differential drain plug (uses a torx 70 bit) and a differential check plug (14mm plug).

Each of these plugs has a washer, however, I never see the washer size or part number mentioned in any article or 'Youtube' video on the subject.

What I have seen or read is that they reuse the existing washer if anything is mentioned at all. I'm guessing that the 14mm plug may use the same crush washer as the oil drain plug since that is also 14mm. The differential drain , the larger plug, I have seen that the washer can be black or silver? Is the black plastic or rubber and the silver metal?

I don't want to drain and fill it only to develop any leaks at these plugs, so anyone?


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