2002 Impreza Outback RPM hanging after letting off the gas.

Feb 28, 2020
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I'm helping a buddy work on his car and am really stumped on whats going on. At first it was showing signs of a bad TPS. It hesitated on acceleration, and the idle surged. After replacing the TPS it began throwing the following codes, P1146, P1516, P1512, P1514, and P1510. After seeing how much an idle air solenoid costs ($382 at Oreillys) I simply sprayed it out with MAF cleaner. What it's currently doing is say you accelerate to any rpm and shift, while the clutch is pressed and your foot is completely off the gas it will proceed to find itself stuck at 3000 rpm until you wack the throttle and it returns to idle. I was able to recreate the issue in neutral, rev the motor up to 4500 and let it go back to idle after that the motor will rev by itself to 2500 rpm. I told him I'd try and fix it since we're both broke teens just trying to get by, if any of you have experienced the same problem and could guide me in the right direction or even help me solve the problem it would mean a lot.

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