2002 Impreza WRX rear brake hose question, stoptech lines

Jan 22, 2021
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One of the brake hoses had a leak in the back so I got a set of Stoptech 950.47501 rear hoses. When I took the old brake hoses off, I can see that they use an inverted flare, that is the conical type that looks like a funnel on the line end. The old brake hose has the pointy cone that would mate up the the brake line of course.

The stoptech brake hose, where it would connect to the brake line looks different though.

There is almost a nipple, no apparent pointy cone so to speak....there looks to be a TINY bit of taper around the base of the nipple maybe?
Rallysport direct tells me that yes, these will work. The only thing I can imagine is that by bolting them down, they will conform to the line's flare? Or are these just wrong? I really can't tell what flare WOULD fit these brake hoses....doesn't look right for a bubble flare either.

Here are some pics of the old and new hoses.
Any input would be greatly appreciated!
new line.jpg brake2.jpg
I Emailed Centech who makes these lines, and their response was "
The flare inside the fitting you showed is imperfect. Please return the kit through the retailer by which it was purchased for an exchange."
Who knows...I emailed the place my son ordered them from about a week ago,and messaged them on Facebook, but I haven't heard back from them. Guess I should call them but its better if they can see the pictures. I kept trying to imagine if the shape in the new fitting would sort of squish into shape upon tightening, but that is not how I've ever known brake hoses to work. It just doesn't bode well for Stoptech if these premium lines are defective.

I have almost finished the other stuff Ive been doing to the car, so I will have to get on them I guess.

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