2002 Impreza WRX question about ABS harness( I think)

Jan 22, 2021
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Im working on my son's Impreza WRX sedan...he had a minorish incident involving the drivers side front end. Ive got the chasis/suspension all buttoned up, but when the front tire shredded and beat some stuff up, it tore out a wiring harness. It connects under the hood, at the front passenger side corner down low. (thats the intact end of it)

From there is exits thru the fenderwell area and used to head back somewhere before it got ripped out. The connector on the far end shattered...shortly before the broken connector there is a rubber seal where it went back into the body I supppose.

The end at the front plugs into what I believe is the ABS pump. He had driven the car a little while in the condition is was in right after the incident before I trailered it home. The airbag light is on even though it didnt deploy. *Ill take any ideas about that as well
I will post some pictures...where it hooks up under hood, the shattered end, where it exits fenderwell.
There isnt any ABS light though, even with its harness turned into spaghetti. My question is this: Is that all that harness is, ABS? And Im wondering if its safe to drive a while until we get a replacement.....Yes I know less safe perhaps, although some like to disable ABS as a matter of course,,,I wonder if the previous owner did that and thats why theres no light. The rest of the car is heavily modded, but looks stock, well STI everything, including the 4 piston calipers

Thanks in advance for any input!!

Just an update:
I test drove it, and the brakes are terrible. Stiff pedal, and you get an initial rate of slowing, but then pressing harder on the pedal makes no difference...tried a few panic stop conditions, and bad.... I mean its ok for driving around the neigborhood, but the first time someone slowed or stopped in front of you, it wouldnt end well.

Im thinking now that that harness also handled proportioning, brake control, along with the ABS. The trcik of adding an ABS defeat involves only a switch and one wire...so obviously ripping out that harness makes more of a difference. off to the junkyards soon.

Ive got to talk to my son and see if the brakes sucked this bad before the incident...if so I will give him some shit.

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