Uh-oh, i bought a pile of crap from Subaru.

Dec 23, 2020
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It sounded like a good idea at the time. Lots of people were praising Subaru. Don’t believe everything you hear.
2019 Ascent bought from a dealership in NW WA state, 5000 miles on it. (Dealer car)
After their “final inspection”, I took it home.
The b.s. began. Obvious noise under front end, (shocks at 5000 miles?) yep.
Windshield ding under the wiper, but Subaru missed that. And the salesman took no responsibility for that. I fixed it at my cost. Wait, there is more.
An obvious noise at high speed. Found loose panels at front wheel wells. Not attached to fenders. What the hell? I continue.
Deafening rattle outside under the car.
I will be taking it in again.
Would you be suspicious? i am.


You know what they say about buying someone elses problems-just buy used.

Actually lemons come in all styles, colors, shapes and from all sources, inc dealers.

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