Spark Plugs etc.

Aug 20, 2023
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Am getting ready to change my spark plugs in 2010 Forester X and have seen videos using a Thick and/or a Thin wall Socket.
Each one had either a long extension or a short one...which is the easiest to use...The Thin Wall "seems" to be better...also
the specialty socket also had a built in magnet and swivel. I would think that the short one would work best on the battery side and
the longer one on the air filter side, so buying the socket with the short extension would be best because I
can insert a longer extension for air filter side. Also, what is the best plug to use, NGK seems to be the best
but don't know.
I don't look forward to doing it but it's gotta be done...Any ideas?
I used a normal 14 MM deep socket, a three inch extension and a 3/8 ratchet to remove and install the plugs. I put the socket on the plugs first. Placed the extension on the socket next and then put the ratchet on to loosen the plugs. Once they were finger tight I took the ratchet off and loosed the plugs completely. Remove the extension next and then I used a extension magnet to fish out the socket and the plug. You basically remove items as they are not longer needed.

To install I used a 6 inch piece of fuel line to around the plug to hold them to get them started in the threads. I felt this was much better as it gave me the 'feel' I needed to be sure that they were threading properly. After they were mostly in I placed the socket, then the extension and then the ratchet as above and tightened things up. I used the 'feel' method for the plug torque and didn't go crazy wrenching them down.

It was tedious but not bad once I figured all of the above out. I felt better with a solid extension over a swivel as it gives more torque for removal and better feel for installing.

PS - I did not disconnect the coil harnesses as there is plenty of slack in them to move them out of the way without doing so.

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