Solterra loose wheel bolt problem

Aug 4, 2022
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On June 23, 2022 it was reported that the Toyota bZ4X and the Subaru Solterra had been recalled because the wheel bolts could become loose and cause the wheels to fall off the vehicle if the vehicle makes sharp turns or stops suddenly. In today's Torque News I saw an article quoting a report issued by SeekingAlpha which states the loose wheel bolt issue cannot be fixed. It then says Toyota states there is no remedy to cure the faulty wheels available at this time and customers will receive a free replacement vehicle pending a resolution of the problem. There is no mention about how Subaru will deal with this situation regarding the $5,000.00 deposits issued to Subaru by its customers. Does anyone know anything further about this?
We just bought a Solterra 2023. Other than a sound of "new brakes", I don''t have any issues with the car. We will update if we experience any issues.
Use search terms: 2023 Subaru Solterra wheel bolt problem

Much of this is hype and regurgitated news that "copy and paste" everyone's garbage to add into the "money machine" and popups requesting your email or location.

In my world, wheel bolts are torqued twice.
The first time in the shop and the second time after a road test.
Every time, 100% of the vehicle need to be torqued twice, mine included when changing over the winter wheels.

People that I know, purchase a torque wrench with the appropriate socket and torques all the wheels to specifications - to double check. That will include their trailers.

An impact wrench either running on compressed air or electric batteries, will NEVER torque any wheel correctly.

Any and all vehicles MUST be torqued to specifications twice, especially the aluminum alloy wheels.

What can change the torqued assemblies is ...... temperature of the sitting vehicle and after it is driven = heat! = Expansion and Contraction > Physics never lies and neither does the placard stating the correct tire pressures.
Trust TPMS? never and have a digital tire pressure gauge in the door pocket.

Check your wheels and stay on track.

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