Security Alarm keeps going off randomly!

Mar 26, 2024
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Hello everyone, I am hoping someone can help us with this horrible problem we are having. Our car is 9 years old, perfect condition, only 41,000 miles. Never been in an accident.. All of a sudden over a week ago, the security alarm started going off 30 minutes to an hour, stops for awhile and then starts up again.. It has been in the Subaru Dealership now for 5 days, and no one can figure out what is causing this. They replaced the battery. All electrical diagnostics showed no issues and passed with flying colors. We can't bring it home because it is too disruptive for our neighbors. The Subaru folks can't remove the fuse because it is tied to the horn. We are running out of options if they can't fix it. This is like the twilight zone. I am hoping someone here has been through this and has an answer for us. Our perfectly running car is unusable until we can figure this out. We look forward to any advice or feedback we can get. Thank you so much!

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