P000A, P000D, P0019 and P0024 Codes

Nov 9, 2023
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Hi, all. I'm new to this forum and hoping to get some advice on my son's 2018 Crosstrek. Here's the deal:

A couple of months back the dash lit up. Almost every light. We cleared the codes and it was good for months. Now it's back.

After simply clearing the codes, and they came back, the codes were P000A (not P000D) and a couple of others. Googling pointed me to the Oil Control Solenoid, upper passenger side. So I got an OEM part from a dealer and replaced it. Cleared the codes. A day later the above codes appeared. So I ordered an after market camshaft position sensor. It's getting delivered today. After more research I'm thinking that it's going to do no good. If it doesn't, I'm going to change the oil myself using synthetic. My son has free oil changes from a tire place. It was changed not too long ago but I'm wondering about oil quality. I do find it concerning that this engine is so picky about oil. I've never heard of such a thing. But I'll give it a shot.

As far as the current performance of the car, it still runs but it runs rough.

I drive a Toyota and my wife drives a Lexus. Before the Lexus we had a Honda. I've never even heard of these parts and these issues before my son got a Subaru. And I've worked on my own cars for years. It's pretty frustrating.

So what if after all of this we still have the issue? What have you guys done to fix this? Is this something where one needs to pay thousands for a dealer and/or other mechanic to diagnose and fix? I found the TSB online. 02-163-16R. It's pretty complicated and looks like one might need some expensive equipment to really diagnose this issue.

One last note. When my son bought the car he bought an extended warranty from the dealer. Yeah, I know... Anyway, my son claims it covers basically nothing and it may have expired. I'm asking him about that now. Any experience with these? Would a basic dealer used car warranty cover this?

Thanks for the help!
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I wanted to clarify one thing. After replacing the upper passenger side vvt solenoid, I didn't "clear" the codes. I disconnected the battery and the indicator lights went off. They came back on 2 days later. This past Tuesday I used a reader and saw the codes that I listed in the subject line. I then cleared them with the code reader. As of last night (Thursday) no indicator lights have returned and the car has been running fine. I'm anticipating that some or all of the codes will return but maybe not. I won't do anything else to the car until they do.
Indicator lights are back on. He's going to bring it over one evening this week. I'll read the codes then.

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