Looking to buy a Subaru, thoughts?

Mar 24, 2023
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Hey everyone,

Currently selling my Jeep and I'm thinking of going with an Outback. Anyone have any thoughts for me on them?

I'm in my thirties, father of 3, already have a minivan and the wife nudged me a few weeks ago with the idea that maybe it's time to get rid of my aging Jeep and move into something more economical that better fits her, the three kids and our dog in it.

Now I know the Outback is only a 5 seater and that three kids may lead to plenty of screaming and 'DONT TOUCH ME' moments but we've got the van for longer trips if needed.

I'm kind of torn right now between the Wilderness, Onyx XT and Touring XT.

Touring looks great and has more creature comforts than I've had in a car in the last 10 years but with kids and a 70 pound shepherd I'm a little worried about wear and tear on the fancier interior. Onyx XT seems like a good middle ground between that and the Wilderness and the Wilderness I was drawn to because, coming from a Jeep, it's being geared towards being somewhat capable on trails or fire roads is appealing.

What are you guys/gals thoughts?
I'm on my second Outback (2019 and a 2011) and generally love it. I am currently experiencing a problem with the head unit/touch screen that seems to be a known problem that may not be covered. Very disappointed in that. Otherwise--I would say that putting 3 kids, 2 adults and a large dog will be a tight fit. You may want to look at the Ascent, instead. I love the mileage, the comfort and the safety (hit a deer last year and did $6,000.00 damage but didn't hurt me and the airbags didn't even deploy) and I'm very hopeful to get this screen problem fixed so I don't have to change!! Good luck with your search!

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